Quickest and Most Effective Ways for Dealing with Bad Press on the Web
Being at the top of the search engines
   Being found on the first page of Google, Yahoo or Bing
         Isn't always a good thing.

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We offer the quickest and most effective ways for dealing with bad press.

If you or your company have been the target of bad press online,
it may be time to take steps toward:
removing bad internet from the top of search results pages
take control of your online image with our services
suppress bad things about you on the web.

Negative publicity online has become one of the most frustrating challenges for companies.
A disgruntled customer, a competitor, angry spouse, former associate or whatever, when someone posts something bad about you or your business on the internet you are likely to want it taken off the internet. This becomes difficult as usually the person that put it there doesn't want to take it down and you start to feel the negative impact of the internet.

Typically anonymous reviews and complaints surface about companies on the internet.  Names are often unattached to forum threads, blog posts, and even entire websites. Therefore, it is difficult to track and address the source of the complaint. Beyond that, the growing popularity of social networking platforms has made it easier than ever for anyone with a mild grievance to give weight to their grudge. Heaven help you if your bad PR gets all over the social networks today. Best if it's just showing up in the top of the search engines as then we'll have a much better chance of helping you to get rid of it.

Negative publicity on the internet search engines gains traction, and in lightning speed, it can lead to a public relations nightmare.
A lot of the bad press that targets companies (possibly even yours) is placed on websites that meet key ranking parameters in the search algorithms.
That means the negative publicity can climb into the top positions and gain exposure. When people search for you or your company, they'll see the bad press. That damages your reputation.

How We Do It
We use a strategy that pushes negative publicity from the top search positions. By moving the bad press off the first page of listings, we limit its exposure and stifle its impact.  While many other companies promise to move the bad press off the first page, you must be careful of the service you choose for if this is done wrong it will come right back. Also, if it's done poorly, the results will look tainted. Your customers aren't stupid and they will know when they're looking at fake things.  Some companies outsource this work and many others use inexperienced staff which can result in listings that won't look good and may not even make sense. You've seen the jibberish kinds of listing showing up in search engine results pages. They don't even make sense, if a whole page comes back not making sense then whoever is searching for you will likely keep looking and they'll find what you'd like hidden in the depths of the search engine results pages.

We are quality service providers and dedicated to taking care of whatever problems you're having with bad things showing up on the internet about you, your business, your products, your services, etc. When we accept you as a client we will deliver what we promise. We'll give your case the attention it needs to resolve your internet problems quickly and quietly. No one will know we're working for you except those you tell.

When an individual or company name is being searched in Google, Yahoo, Bing and an undesired page or website appears, we can push the negative page back in the search results where it will rarely, if ever be found. We use many techniques to suppress the negative information coming up on the top of the search results and what we use will depend upon the kinds of problems you're having. Each circumstance is unique and therefore must be quoted according to the problem needing to be solved and the amount of work required to bring the solution.

Our Fees
Fees for services start from $2000 for a single item suppressed and are priced according to your particular problems and special requests, if any.
We dedicate the time to improve your online image and suppress any negative feedback showing up in the top of the search engine results pages.
With our services you can expect to see results very quickly, usually within 24 hours you'll start seeing what we're delivering. You're going to love it too!
Our work is top quality, listings we place will look natural among the search results and not questionable to others as fake listings.
We will implement all the latest strategies to spread good things and relevant information about you across the social networks when needed.
In the end, your problems will be gone, negative information on the web will disappear from the top of the search engine results pages and you will have a completely new and improved online image. When anyone goes looking for you and googles your name the results will be free of problems and bad reports or bad information about you.

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We can bring results even with tough cases but of course there are things that are quite frankly never going to go away no matter what anyone tells you.
Some things are pretty much cemented on the search engines. If we find this about your problem then we'll let you know. We have enough work already that we CAN fix, we're not going to tackle something that isn't going to move. SEC sometimes has dedicated a page with filings for example, that's just one. Best to let us know what your problems are, we'll have a look and then we can talk about the solutions we can offer particular to you.
Our pricing is reasonable and the results are much more than just suppressing the negatives. You also get the benefit of all our good work in bring new customers from the internet with all the new listings we'll be creating and the networking we'll be doing for you. If you spend a lot on pay per click programs you'll be shocked at what we can do to get away from paying and get you to the free traffic from the internet search engines that you can get when things are done right. It all works together. Getting rid of the bad things showing up about you on the web may end up bringing you more business because of our work to get things off the top ten of the results pages.

In today's world, your online image is important and what you do when bad things start showing up about you all over the internet can be critical.
We strive to offer clear, trustworthy insights on this fascinating and complex topic.
You need help to get things removed from the top of the search engine results pages and we're here to help.
Start now.
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Get rid of bad things showing up about you on the internet.
Get ranked above your competitors
Be found by your online customers within first page search results on Google, Yahoo, Bing and thousands of others.
Rank organically, without paying for keyword advertising.

Take control of your online reputation.

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